Thursday, December 31, 2009

Done and Done

I promised myself I'd finish this master study before the end of the year.
Guess this counts.
Had a bit of a f-up on the final "save as" so I only have the small version left.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lifedrawing 12-19-09

Model had great poses, and I enjoyed drawing - the results just weren't very good.
So much for the last life drawing of the year.

First try with Painter

So I just installed Painter11, and gave it a whirl with the latest image I drew.

Few things I noted as compared to Photoshop.
The redraw sucks - at certain zoom sizes everything gets very crunky. They still haven't fixed the crazy line issues when you move your image around from the border.
I'm going to have to completely re-hotkey everything since their ideas of hotkeys are a joke.
I need to buy a new wacom art pen - one of the chisel tips. Their brushes beg for it and I haven't found my PShop hack way of doing it.

Other than the fact that I'm slow as hell with it because its new I see a lot of potential.

Original Sketch. The model is Diaz from her "Passion" photoshoot.
Process. The sketch took about an hour. No idea how long the painting took - maybe three? I tried going straight to Painter but was getting terrible results, so I quickly laid in the colors with PShop.

Monday, December 14, 2009

quickie - Joan Jett

All I ever see when I look at a picture of her is those eyes. Damn.